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What is mentor-program KANS 050?

KANS 050 is a dynamic mentoring program for young people who would like to achieve more by gaining insights and knowledge in their area(s) of interest as well as building their confidence and learning important life skills. 

What can you gain from meeting with a mentor?

Over  500 young people from Groningen city and the province of Groningen have already benefitted from a mentor through the KANS 050 program.  With the help of a mentor they have learned how to plan schoolwork, found a fitting internship, made important choices, graduated, met new people, improved contact with their parents, overcame financial problems and have achieved a more hopeful view on their lives. They are now more confident than before.

Who are the mentors?

At KANS 050 we have over 150 trained mentors to choose from.  Mentors are men or women at least 21 years of age with a wide range of education, careers, hobbies and interests and are ready to share their experiences to help young people achieve their goals.  In addition to being trained, the mentors will have regular contact with the mentee, from 6 months to a year.  At KANS 050 we think it’s important that young people get along with their mentor and look for a mentor that matches their personality.

Background information

KANS 050 has been named Master in Mentoring by the Oranje Fonds ( and was founded by Alfa-college, CMO Groningen, Noorderpoort and  MJD.  They try to work together with other organizations, like schools, youth work and municipalities to help ensure success for every participant – both the mentor and the mentee.

KANS 050 receives funds from Oranje Fonds, the province of Groningen, the municipality Groningen, Voortijdig Schoolverlaten (VSV), the Skanfonds, the Emmaplein Foundation and more. 

Who can enter the program?

You can enter the KANS 050-program if you:

  • are between 14 and 28 years of age, unless you sign in at Haren, where you can enter if you are 12 years of age or older.
  • live in the city or province of Groningen and/or go (or will go) to school there.
  • want to achieve something.

I want to sign in, now what?

  • You can sign in with: 1) the form ‘apply for a mentor’; 2) WhatsApp (06-10564318); 3) with ananswer card (by post).
  • If you fill in the contact form or use WhatsApp you will receive a response very quickly. You can then ask all of your questions. (We always respond within three workdays)
  • KANS 050 has over 150 mentors. In order to find a mentor that matches your person, we ask you what you expect from the mentor and by what kind of person you would like to be supported. Think of things like age, man or woman, work- and educational background, hobbies and interests. We will discuss this with you when you come to meet us.
  • We will then look for a mentor for you. In the first conversation with the mentor you are the one to decide if he or she suits you. No? We will find another mentor. Yes? You can then discuss with the mentor how to go on from there. For example; where will we meet, how often, what will we talk about?
  • The first period you will meet up with your mentor once a week, later this can become less.
  • After some time (usually 6 months to a year) you will notice that you need the mentor less often. You will then arrange to see each other less or end the contact altogether.

Want to know more or sign in?

Fill in the contact form below or send a WhatsApp (06-10564318). You will hear from us within three work days.

Form: apply for a mentor!

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You can also sign in with WhatsApp though phone number 06 1056 4318
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Zoek je iemand die achter je staat en je ondersteunt bij wat jij wilt bereiken? Wil je iemand leren kennen uit het werkveld of de studie van je toekomst?

Meld je dan aan voor KANS 050. Meedoen is gratis, de mentoren zetten zich onbetaald in voor jou.

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Vind jij het leuk en zinvol een jongere te ondersteunen en je ervaringen te delen? Kun je zo’n twee uur per week vrij maken om je op vrijwillige basis in te zetten? Dan is mentor worden bij KANS 050 wellicht iets voor jou.

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